Policies & FAQ

Apartment Availability
Please contact Christian Saunders christiansaunders@hotmail.com,  call or text 570.947.3292.  Apartments are leased on a first come first serve order.

Security Deposits
We provide ourselves on giving back your full security deposit at the end of your lease.  Nothing gives us more joy than returning the full amount to you.  To date most of our past tenants have received the full deposit back at the end of the lease.  The security deposit on all of our apartments is the equivalent of one month’s rent and is due at the lease signing.  At the end of the lease, we will inspect the apartment and we expect it to be in the condition it was when you moved in.  All belongings must be removed at the end of the lease.



For Repairs  (example dripping sink) Please Email your request to christiansaunders@hotmail.com
We make it a point to address repairs with in 24 hours.
If you have an emergency or think it maybe an emergency do not hesitate to   call.
For immediate assistance please call Christian Saunders at   570.947.3292

Returning Tenants
In order to extend your lease and maintain the apartment you are currently residing in, the new lease MUST be signed before September 18th.  Any apartments without signed leases after this date will be considered available for others to lease.

No pets!  Don’t get us wrong we love pets but they just don’t mix well in our apartments by the University of Scranton.  So, please don’t ask, it breaks our hearts to say no!

Any guest spending more than five consecutive nights at a tenant’s apartment will be considered a lessee and will be charged $15 per day. Tenants are responsible for their guests and their actions. Please be careful of your guests because you are liable for any damage or events that take place under your invitation.

Yes you may paint your walls, however, you must return them to the original color at the termination of your lease.  Upon leaving your walls must look as they did when you moved in with no exceptions.  We have a detailed list of what colors belong on each wall.  Please call or email for painting instructions.  You may also get an estimate from our painter.

Renter’s Insurance
This type of policy protects your belongings in the unit as well as many types of damage – which you may accidentally cause in the unit. For example, if you are the direct cause of a kitchen fire, you would be responsible for repairs. Your Renter’s Insurance may cover this damage.
As a requirement of the lease, you must obtain a policy with a minimum limit of five hundred thousand dollars each per person, five hundred thousand dollars per accident and five hundred thousand for property damage. This policy must list Chrismarq LLC as an additional insured entity and be effective the day you plan to move in.
We do not insure your belongings in the apartment nor do we insure damage you cause to the apartment. We are not responsible for the loss of personal items due to damage caused by you or other unexpected events such as burglary.
There are many insurance companies that offer Renter’s Insurance. Often this policy can be attached to an existing homeowner’s policy.

PPL Electric: 1-800-342-5775
UGI (formally PG Energy Gas): 1-800-432-8017
Penn American Water Co.: 1-800-565-7292

Put Out Wednesday Night
Placed bagged garbage in sealed cans to avoid unwanted animal guest